Young by most current software architect icon standards, his first computer experience involved Tandy's TRS-80 Model III somewhere mid 1983, where at the pre-ripe age of 10, he completed a few basic courses at the local Tandy Radio Shack store with some questionitive help from his mother and step father.

Summers involved racing a custom built GoKart with friends down neighborhood streets, equipped with suitable shelf to hold a Commodor SX-64 system to play Grand Prix Circuit (while another drove of course!). In his early teens, he co-created a local Nintendo gaming club allowing members to share games purchased with club pool money, hand created membership cards with complimentary 7-11 refill runs.

From an early age, there's been an un-explained love for computer technology that manifested itself into information systems management and later augmented with a serious passion for efficient minded development practices, software craftmanship as @unclebobmartin puts it.

If there's a way to do it better from a development perspective, by golly, Greg is probably establishing sandbox environments to test it, feeding his profound hunger for knowledge that can be seen in his continuous pursuit of cutting edge software development practices or daily trolling of twitter (@arroyocode).

Greg is also a licensed ham radio operator and can generally be found with an HT in close proximity (till he get's his general license anyway!).